Max. Media diameter 450mm
Cutting label size Max. 330mm x 600mm
No. of cutting heads 4
Cutting Speed 9m/min
Cutting accuracy 0.05mm
Web guide BST (made in Germany)
Slitter 4 (Max. 15), Ring blade type
Code scanner CCD Camera
Dimensions (WxLxH) 119.5cm x 200cm x 157.5cm
Weight 1200kgs
Power 100-240V AC, 2000W
Option Built-in sheeter, Lamination backliner rewinder, 2nd(Up) rewinder

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The knife label cutting machine that can be an alternative to laser cutting machine. 

DUOBLADE WXI is all-in-one digital label finisher equipped with cutting, laminating, slitting, sheeting, matrix removal.  The maximum cutting speed 9M /min (10cm x 10cm square) and automatic job changing by serial number. Most of operations are done automatically like cutting heads selection, which cutting head to use, etc. You can see the estimated time to finish each cutting job in cutting software. It has CCD camera system for fine cutting accuracy.  DUOBLADE WXI is the most ideal digital label finisher.



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